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About Me

My life experience as a first-generation, multi-lingual, Haitian American, a woman of color, who grew up in the Midwest has prepared me well for the individual that I am today.  My journey has been about navigating multiple experiences, embracing my differences, and expecting equitable treatment and access, one that is fluid and reflected in my life and work. 

I gravitate towards driving change. This is not always an easy direction and comes with its own challenges, however, if I were to state my “superpower” it would be that of a disruptor.  I challenge all of us to think beyond what is considered “the norm” and authentically explore solutions from multiple perspectives and lenses.  My bold mind doesn’t shy away from speaking when it's needed and listening when it’s necessary. 

As a leadership coach and workshop facilitator, I seek to invite you to look within, as I meet you where you are. My approach is one of taking action, knowing your truth, and doing the self-work on your journey. My role is to guide and challenge you.

As the creator of the "Get Uncomfortable...Together" discussion series on race, racism, equity, self-awareness, white consciousness, and other challenging topics, I encourage you to look within, ask questions and contribute to your own understanding of how it all connects.  My role is to guide and provide insight.  


As a champion of change, I inspire others to create data-driven strategies.  A key aspect of effectuating change is communication and collaboration, and this is what I hope to bring to you.

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