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Coaching & Workshops

Each of us, and the organizations within which we operate, have inherited the biases, prejudices, and blindness to the gradual and subtle ways in which that racism operates, therefore, we must intentionally rethink, relearn and reprogram ourselves and our

organizations to embrace race equity and engage in our work employing a race equity lens. 

  • Racial Equity Awareness

  • Leadership Coaching in Race & Equity

  • Naming the concepts: Race, Ethnicity, Microaggressions, the History of Race and Racism, White Privilege, Racial Consciousness and Socialization, and more

Image by Annie Spratt

Educational Consulting

Let's work together to reimagine how we educate our future

and engage in our pedagogy employing a racial equity lens. The result? Students increasingly see themselves in education and connect with the contributions of those whose voices have been traditionally left out of the classroom. 

  • Culturally Conscious Curriculum 

  • Educational coaching

Turning your organization around and giving it new life or simply a check-up is to be expected.  Nonprofits evolve as times change, and are increasingly influenced to consider new and innovative ways of operating and driving their missions. Allow me to help with working through these topics. 

  • Board Governance & Development

  • Bylaws and Policies & Procedures

  • Strategic planning and logic models

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